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The Impact of a Dirty Office

High sickness rates

A dirty office automatically means that there are more germs floating around and lurking in all the areas that should be cleaned regularly. This leads to higher sickness rates amongst staff which has a massive impact on profits. Ill staff means that the work they would perform does not get completed or it is completed by someone who is not usually responsible for it and so the work is likely to be of a lower standard. This could have a detrimental impact on the reputation of the organisation. It may also be necessary to hire temporary staff to cover sickness which obviously costs money and so profits will go down.

Low staff morale

Being in a dirty environment has an impact on how people feel and this is no different for staff members. If an office environment is dirty it will lead to staff feeling undervalued and levels of morale will decrease.

Low levels of staff morale are linked to higher sickness levels, higher rates of complaints being made against other staff members and management and if staff are not happy they are less likely to put effort into their work or go the extra mile when needed. Staff will usually do as much as is needed and no more.

Lower standard of work

There is also clear evidence that the lower staff morale gets the lower the standard of work that is produced. Staff members will often not take pride in their work because there appears to be no pride in their workplace or value on them as workers. A dirty office therefore quickly leads to a lower standard of work being produced.

Bad impression

Working in an office that is dirty has a huge impact on the staff that work there and the levels of work that is produced. However, for offices that have clients or customers visiting there can be an even bigger impact. First impressions are vitally important and if an office is dirty or untidy then this reflects badly on the organisation. The impression that is given by a dirty office is that the work will be of a low standard with no attention to detail and that the workers and managers are not passionate about what they do.

Don’t cut back

Cutting back on Office Cleaning might seem like a good idea to save a bit of money at the time but with these negative impacts affecting both the staff and clients of an organisation it must be concluded that paying out for a clean, healthy environment is beneficial financially and to keep everyone happy.Type your paragraph here.